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State Magazine #1 & #2 (April/May 2008)

Posted in diy, indie, music, recent on July 22, 2008 by irishbooksandzines

State is a new music magazine that started up a while back and is currently on it’s 5th or 6th issue. Can’t exactly remember. But anyway, it’s a far better mass market magazine than the one whoring itself out with criminals at the moment. The cover of State is generally a ‘major draw’ band to get the general music fan to pick it up (#1 has REM on the cover, #2 has Muse) but beyond that is a generally good selection of major indie bands and semi decent coverage of the Irish music scene.

Every month so far in the mag there’s been a really good feature on the underground scene in Ireland with features on U:Mack in #2 and the Hope Promotions Collective in #4 (which sadly isn’t up for download just yet).

The complete back issues are currently up on the State site for free download which is a fantastic idea and should be continued on while the mag is running.

State Magazine #1 ( April 2008 )
A4 professional magazine
circa. 100 pages, full colour
Download Here

State Magazine #2 ( May 2008 )
A4 professional magazine
100 pages, full colour
Download Here


Welcome to Irish Books & Zines

Posted in anarchist, book, current, history, Introduction, music, past, philosophy, politics, recent, zine on June 24, 2008 by irishbooksandzines

Hello there,

This here is the first post on this new site Irish Books & Zines.I started this site for the digitization of Irish zines, books, pamphlets, leaflets and other printed material that are all long long out of print so I plan to scan the material and upload it in high quality PDF’s for you to download and read yourself.

I must stress at this point that most of the files will not have the permission from the writers of the zines to be posted. However as it’s all in good faith, and based on a genuine love for old Irish zines, that I hope if you find your zine or book on here you won’t threaten to sue! (If you do feel that you do not want to see your zine up here anymore then please do email me at the address below and I will remove it).

I hope that the site will take off a little and that people will start visiting on a regualr basis and even contributing to the site. If you can help the site in anyway (supplying new zines, scanning etc) or wish to contact the owner of the blog for anything then email:

Hope you come back for more.