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Scarlet Women #11 (June 1980)

Posted in anarchist, feminism, history, politics, zine on July 1, 2008 by irishbooksandzines

Scarlet Women called itself the official newsletter of Womens Liberation Movement and was published by the Scarlet Women Collective based out of North Shields, Tyne+Wear. This issue (#11) was a special issue based on feminist struggles specifically in Northern Ireland. It was put together by the Belfast Women’s Collective and published as a regular issue in England. The zine contains articles on the Irish feminist past, the effect of British occupation on the lives of NI women, critiques of the state, a personal account of life in Catholic Belfast, abortion in Belfast, Belfast Womens Aid, Caigavon Women’s Group and many more beside. It’s a good read and worth a look for those interested in both issues of the North and of Irish feminist struggles.

Scarlet Women #11 (June 1980)
Belfast Womens Collective special issue

A4 semi-prof zine
42 pages, b/w
Download Here

(Note: I am sorry over the quality of this PDF but it’s a scan of a photocopy of an old zine so please understand why some pages are blurry etc)