State Magazine #1 & #2 (April/May 2008)

State is a new music magazine that started up a while back and is currently on it’s 5th or 6th issue. Can’t exactly remember. But anyway, it’s a far better mass market magazine than the one whoring itself out with criminals at the moment. The cover of State is generally a ‘major draw’ band to get the general music fan to pick it up (#1 has REM on the cover, #2 has Muse) but beyond that is a generally good selection of major indie bands and semi decent coverage of the Irish music scene.

Every month so far in the mag there’s been a really good feature on the underground scene in Ireland with features on U:Mack in #2 and the Hope Promotions Collective in #4 (which sadly isn’t up for download just yet).

The complete back issues are currently up on the State site for free download which is a fantastic idea and should be continued on while the mag is running.

State Magazine #1 ( April 2008 )
A4 professional magazine
circa. 100 pages, full colour
Download Here

State Magazine #2 ( May 2008 )
A4 professional magazine
100 pages, full colour
Download Here


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